What has happened?

As the Ashes series heats up, so has the brand banter between iconic brands, Marmite and Vegemite. The U.K. brand Marmite, started the rivalry by deploying the ‘Marmy Army’ to give away free jars to cricket fans around the country, claiming it is superior to Vegemite. In response, Vegemite took out a full-page ad in the U.K.’s Daily Mirror to sledge its competitor, and back the Australian team at the same time. Marmite, not to be outdone and in a brave move, took out another press ad reminding Australia of its darkest day in the sport with a reference to sanderpaper-gate.

The Media Store Take

What commenced as an on-ground activation and product giveaway became a tongue-in-cheek battle of the brands, uniting cricket fans around patriotic allegiances. The Vegemite vs Marmite point-scoring on sporting moments, to leverage social conversation at scale, demonstrates how brands can boldly garner international attention, engagement and build brand Iove.

Jacquie Alley