What has happened?

Near is the largest human mobility platform analysing the physical movement data collected by mostly free apps such as weather, maps or gaming.
The data collected from over 15 million Australians every month is being used to understand how people behave in the real world, rather than just having a view on the content they are consuming online.

Whilst still in its infancy, the possibilities extend beyond marketing with the ability to assist in smart city planning and understanding traffic movement.
Near media partners MCN and News Corp are making good use of the movement data, offering advertisers further audience insights and targeting capability.
The merging of movement data, with online consumer behaviour brings further performance metrics and measurability to these media partners who have traditionally focused on premium content.

In future MCN hope to match their Foxtel audience across broadcast, digital, and location providing a single view of their audience and richer post campaign reports including audience profiles and brand affinity attributes.

Looking beyond deeper audience insights, Near provides a unique opportunity in cross-platform attribution modelling. Footfall uplift studies comparing multiple stores over various locations for consumers who were exposed to advertising vs non-exposed delivers a better understanding of channel attribution and in turn better business outcomes.

Helen Karambilas