What has happened?

The 2019 Australian Retail Outlook report highlights technology’s transformational effect on retail. New online retail events are changing consumer behaviour and having a pull-forward effect on legacy Christmas sales. Last November’s online mega-sales drove a 12% (Dec YOY) increase in parcel deliveries. So it’s not surprising that retailers have nominated delivery speed and options as the top 2 increasing consumer expectations. Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has now taken the lead in the last mile innovation race, their autonomous delivery drones achieving lift-off in Canberra this month. Medicine and food products will be the first to fly, predicting 11,000 daily deliveries in the ACT by 2030.

The Media Store Take

Retailers have been focused on fast tracking the last mile and we’re seeing the 3hr window become a more prevalent option. Alphabet’s Project Wing takes it to the next level by meeting the ever-increasing consumer demand for speed and convenience, with the added benefit of lessening traffic congestion and CO2 emissions. Move over Amazon – as delivery drones take to Australian skies, Google is becoming the tech giant to watch in the retail space

Eva Coulam