What has happened?

With 6 weeks till Christmas, which usually consists of equal parts eagerness and anxiety as the top 2 emotional stages it is no surprise that the gift of giving contributes to stress over the festive period. According to Money Magazine, Australians spend over $11b on Christmas each year and 86% of shoppers admit that it puts a strain on their finances. And even after the countless hours spent looking for the perfect present and the hard-earned dollars spent, over $20m worth of presents are unwanted, often re-gifted or worse end up in landfill.

Enter Giftster the perfect antidote to stress-free gift giving.
The platform acts as an online register and central hub for its members – who can enter the gifts they would like to receive or give – into Giftster and add additional members to their list. The result is a hassle-free way for shoppers to ensure that people are getting the gift they want, avoiding the dreaded double up. Even better members are able to sign-up for free

With Christmas approaching at break-neck speed and consumers looking for easy, financially effective and eco-conscious solutions, platforms like Giftster are becoming more relevant than ever as we look to ensure that even the festive season becomes sustainable.

Calin Barker