What has happened?

An alarming 80% of our ocean’s landfill could have had a new life, if properly separated in the first place. Global brands such as Coca-Cola have faith that consumers can make the world a little greener with the help of some smart and strategic billboards to point them in the right direction. With the aim of producing 100% recyclable packaging by 2025, Coca-Cola are investing in collection and recycling infrastructures to ensure that every bottle or can it puts out will be returned by 2030.

The insight for this campaign came from research around consumer behaviour which showed that we are more likely to recycle if bins are easier to find; in fact separate collection went up by 141%.

Select billboards were transformed across specific European locations, creating maximum visibility by pointing to the closest recycling bins available, putting them in the spotlight for everyone to see and use

The Media Store Take

The campaign is a great example of how a global brand is using insights around consumer behaviour to fix problems that impacts our planet in a big way. The simplicity in Coca-Cola transforming their iconic branding, using the bold broadcast power of Out of Home; the medium and location becomes the message, to showcase how ‘Social impact goes deep’.

Sandra Angseesing