What has happened?

PUMA’s new running campaign has been brought to life in one of Shanghai’s busiest shopping squares via an immersive game allowing runners to become as lean and as quick as a Puma. Wearing the new Hybrid Astro footwear, the experience takes runners through three virtual worlds, to exploring new terrains. Centred around the animal the brand is born from, the campaign is designed as a unique experience highlighting the beauty and fun of “running your own way”. The pop-up is being amplified via video ads and social media.


Initial testing demonstrates that when an ad group contains one or more gallery ads, clicks increase by 25% when placed at the top of a search on a mobile. Google predicts we will see a whole new level of user engagement.

The Media Store Take

Puma’s campaign is a great example of how the trend in E(xperiential) commerce marketing takes brand engagement to another level. In contrast to most running campaigns where performance and competitiveness are prominent themes, Puma successfully and interactively align a sense of freedom and enjoyment to Hybrid Astro. By utilising tech in a creative way, Puma has allowed for personalised interactions at key moments of consideration for the brand.

Kate Ainslie