What has happened?

Lynx has partnered with Xbox to create a new co-branded product that aims to drive engagement with Millennials and Gen Zs by targeting gamers.

The new product is accompanied by a campaign titled “Lift Your Game”, which includes a 4 minute video that tells the classic Lynx story of the guy who gets the girl, only this time it features a Street Fighter 2 styled battle against a school bully. Shorter cut downs of the ad have been placed over digital and BVOD.

The partnership backs on to their Lynx Chill campaign, which was shown across Val Morgan digital property Fandom, as well as in-cinema across their offline properties. The ‘how-to’ style videos leveraged the educational fair use of the IP of pop culture hits like Game of Thrones and video game brands Mario Brothers and Fortnight to make a meaningful connection between brands.

The Media Store Take

Gaming is on the rise in Australia. With video games being a passion point for many Australians, it is a great way to engage with people when they are in a state of excitement, providing it is done in a genuine way. Because in-game advertising opportunities are limited and brand safety around video game alignment is a concern for advertisers, there is a major challenge in integrating an unrelated product in a way that makes sense to a gaming audience, while simultaneously being uncompromising on that brand’s values.

Lynx have overcome this seemingly inherent challenge in aligning to video games with these two recent campaigns, proving that you can reach this audience in creative ways that won’t undermine your brand story. Knowing how to access this audience is becoming increasingly important, with 67% of Australians playing video games. The power of these video game brands should not be underestimated either, with Fortnight alone making $2.4billion in revenue in 2018 despite being a free-to-play game, proving it’s brand power.

Watch the 4 Minute ‘Lift Your Game’ Video here.

Ruby Muller