What has happened?

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the final season of Game of Thrones recently took the world by storm, reaching over 1.54M people in Australia, during the finale alone. Capitalising on the show’s popularity, there has been no shortage of brands looking at ways to integrate themselves in the battle for Westeros. While branded products, such as Johnnie Walker’s limited edition White Walker whisky and Urban Decay’s ‘For the Throne’ collection are common as brands jump on the GOT bandwagon, it’s tactics like Samsung’s “It’s Season 8k. Don’t get Lost in the Dark” creative that really stands out from the crowd.
Following the outcry on social media that the series third episode “The Long Night” was too dark for many devices, Samsung was quick to provide the solution; an 8k TV that’s ‘made for dark battle scenes’. The message was clean, relevant and of course pushed out across social media to take advantage of the moment.

The Media Store Take

Samsung’s ability to capitalise on GOT in such a relevant way that creates cut through to their audience (and at a fraction of the price), highlights the importance of advertisers remaining mobile and reactionary to take advantage of trending events on a week to week basis – not quarter to quarter. As the growing trend of instagramification of culture continues, consumers are looking for brands who can create these micro-moments to lead their purchase decisions. And whilst integrating brands with popular content will always be a powerful tool, only by having a finger firmly on the pulse of pop culture can advertisers truly rise above the noise and leave a memorable impression.

Those who don’t, risk getting lost in the dark.

Calin Barker