What has happened?

LEGO is planning to launch LEGO Braille Bricks in 2020, to encourage learning through play, benefitting children with visual impairments. The bricks will have the same number of studs used for individual letters, with the letters also printed on each brick and will be fully compatible with the LEGO System. The final LEGO Braille Brick kits will also feature numbers and symbols within its 250+ Bricks and allow for high interaction with teachers, parents and caregivers through interactive games. Consulting on the project is LEGO Group Senior Art Director, Morten Bronde, who suffers from a genetic eye disorder and has only 4-degree sight remaining.

The Media Store Take

LEGO has identified an opportunity to enhance the lives of visually impaired children by giving them better access for meaningful play with a toy that is iconic for many. But the real impact will come from Braille literacy and the long term impact it will have on learning ability for the vision impaired. 19m children globally are vision impaired, but Braille use – despite the fact that Braille users achieve higher standards of education & independence – is low. Only 10%  of vision impaired children in the USA are learning to read Braille. This engaging product development by LEGO is reflective of The Media Store’s 2019 Trend “Social Impact Goes Deep”, adding enjoyment to learning and education for vision impaired kids.

Jodie Buddle