What has happened?

During Google Marketing Live 2019, Google introduced Gallery ads which are anticipated to roll out later this year. These new mobile ads will work like a normal search ad, with the added functionality of flicking through a carousel of product images, similar to what users see in their Facebook & Instagram feeds.

By integrating search intent of a user, with a more visual ad, marketers will be able to communicate more effectively.

Initial testing demonstrates that when an ad group contains one or more gallery ads, clicks increase by 25% when placed at the top of a search on a mobile. Google predicts we will see a whole new level of user engagement.

The Media Store Take

Marketers know the power of strong imagery when utilised correctly in the digital space. Gallery ads will further enhance these capabilities. By giving consumers additional information including what the product looks like through attractive visuals, the person interacting with your brand already will have further information at their disposal, resulting in a more relevant click. Gallery Ads also introduces a new dynamic into the platform. Enabling marketers to tell more engaging brand stories, visually highlight product features and assist in launching a new line of inventory.  If an automotive company released a vehicle, they could utilise Gallery Ads to highlight different features of a specific model, target generic or branded generic keywords & create awareness through a primarily conversion focused channel.

Cameron Zapantis