What has happened?

Instagram has always looked for design options that retain users inside their app for longer. The release of their in-app checkout feature takes this strategy to the next level by allowing social shopping to happen seamlessly without leaving their feed. The social element of this new buying journey includes a cart process to create a space for consumers to place wish lists, favourite styles and looks in a section for possible purchasing at a later time.


The Media Store Take

This latest move by Facebook ties in strongly with The Media Store’s ‘Instagrammification of Culture’ trend. The new feature means longer scroll duration and more robust opportunities for advertisers. Delivering fewer steps in a user’s path to purchase increases propensity to buy and for advertisers, the ability to convert a sale in a channel that places a large focus on inspiration and lifestyle.

However, beyond the ad-tech opportunities proposed there are potential ramifications for smaller businesses. The platform currently acts as a portal to pull customers on-site with one halo product, then allows them to browse wider inventory before completing their purchase on the seller’s website. With the introduction of native checkout, Instagram is set to become a one-stop e-store and hence the viability to cross-sell may be in question for smaller e-commerce players with less inventory and ad spend.

Daniel Strangward