What has happened?

Video game creators, Ubisoft Entertainment, has produced an in-game podcast series called Green Dawn, to promote a new game, The Division 2. Inserted into the game, Ghost Recon Wildlands, gamers are led to discover the hidden podcast episodes in the open world game, accessed through a virtual radio built into the game.

The intention was to reach the highly evasive Gamer audience who don’t watch much TV (30 mins versus the global average of 3 hours 18 mins), and of whom 27% use ad blockers. However, they do listen to the radio for two hours a day. Ghost Recon Wildlands, like predecessors the Grand Theft Auto franchise, utilise radios in vehicles in-game to play music as well as dummy radio chatter to create a more authentic experience. Building off this technique, the game creators inserted a six-part series of 30 minutes of content about seven children trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.



The Media Store Take

By providing an opportunity to discover the content in a covert and authentic way, Ubisoft has tapped into an audience that is notoriously critical of traditional advertising but will adopt channels on their own merits.

This campaign is a good example of The Media Store’s Shapeshifting media trend where traditional media, like radio, isn’t so traditional anymore. Podcasting alone has shown a resurgence in the last 5 years as audiences crave long form content. By utilising the relatively old school style media (radio) in new formats (in-game), Ubisoft has accessed a hard to reach audience by taking the ‘first mover’ advantage to expand their media ecosystem.

Ayla Erdogan