What has happened?

IAB’s State of the Nation research offers snapshots into the latest in Audio Advertising thinking, and best practice for this emerging platform. This research is especially insightful as digital audio streaming continues to develop in the Australian market, with 13.8m Australians streaming audio content monthly in 2018. With the “Earbud Era” fully upon us, it is worth remembering that while traditional radio is typically broadcast in mass listening scenarios, such as in the car, Digital Audio Platforms are frequently listened to through personal headphones/earbuds. For brands, it is becoming increasingly appropriate to communicate personalised messages with listeners in the digital audio space.

One way of facilitating this successfully is through the production of dynamic creative, which can be plugged into any DSP. In this way, the creative served can be honed to the listener based on key unique triggers such as day of the week, location and weather. Perhaps most relevant, but harder to execute, is mood and genre, where content can also be served based on the listener’s current emotional state. This is utopia ensuring that the creative works to improve not only Brand Awareness but also recall through seamless integration – key metrics in any campaign from brand to direct response.

The Media Store Take

Dynamic audio creative clearly has a place in the ever intuitive media landscape as we look to expand into unutilised spaces. That being said, this personalised message approach won’t work for every scenario.

Whilst the technology is available, the execution of dynamic audio creative as a tool needs to be carefully considered. Advertising in this space is not new, however, as music is often used as an escape, dynamic variables could easily be seen as excessively intrusive. In addition to this, the brand itself must be hyper-relevant to the campaign in this environment.

Mollie Cross