What’s happened?

Disney recently unveiled its world-first collaboration with David Jones’ at their Elizabeth Street store in Sydney. The entire top floor (targeted at kids) has been refurbished as an interactive, mini Disneyworld. Consumers can take a photo with Winnie the Pooh in the 100-Acre Wood, a Disney Princess carousel or inside a Millennium Falcon, but will be also able to purchase some exclusive products not available anywhere else.

The Media Store Take

The David Jones’ example, is just one of many recent experientially-led announcements by Disney in the Australian market. Melbourne will also be privy to a Pixar Putt over the summer; undoubtedly a little taste of what might be to come via Marvel Stadium in 2019 and beyond, as Disney is committed to ensuring the stadium becomes a premium lifestyle & experience destination, complete with trademark Disney magic. With dedicated activation zones secured at both David Jones & Marvel Stadium, Disney has now expanded its owned channels into high-reaching destinations which will both likely play big roles in the launch of new films to market in the next 12 months.

Cementing these opportunities in the experiential space, Disney has strengthened its capacity as a true power partner in this market – opening up further avenues to collaborate across IP, content, live entertainment & now in the retail environment.

Melanie Scully