Tech such as Augmented Reality is leading the trend for E(xperiential) Commerce, where traditional brick and mortar stores have become hubs of creativity and extensions of the brand story.

Snapchat and LEGO Wear have combined forces, taking augmented reality technology one step further by creating a pop-up clothing store with a difference.

The fashion store, empty of stock except for a snapcode, allows shoppers to browse by scanning a QR code with an interactive DJ booth, LEGO bouncer, arcade machine and exclusive products to purchase with their smartphones.

Staying true to what the core experience of LEGO is, which allows consumers to use their imagination, LEGO has also bridged the physical and digital world (the phygital phenomenon) to interact with consumers in a fun and engaging way.

Another brand dipping into this space is Amazon. Last month, they were rumoured to be working with an augmented reality shopping app which would allow consumers to virtually try clothes on from the comfort of their own homes.

Sandra Angseesing