What has happened?

Burger King in the UK has launched a campaign aiming to tackle waste by offering incentives to customers for returning plastic toys to be recycled. Donation boxes were placed in Burger King’s 500 UK stores and customers who donated toys received a free kid’s meal.

The plastics that are recycled will be repurposed to create play areas in Burger King’s restaurants.

Along with this campaign, Burger King have pledged to remove plastic toys from its Junior Meals.

The Media Store Take

The fast-food giants are constantly under scrutiny for their plastic waste and environmental impact. This is a light-hearted initiative to spearhead their transition to no plastic toys. A timely campaign when consumers are demanding more from brands to step up, minimise their carbon footprint and be environmentally responsible.

Here in Australia Roy Morgan data shows that 68% of Australians consider themselves environmentalists with Nielsen data showing over 50% of Australians would be more likely to buy a product or service from a business that places importance on environmental responsibility.

In The Media Store’s 2019 Trends “Social Impact goes Deep” highlights it’s not enough for brands to make a passive stand – they need to step up with initiatives to protect the safety of people and the planet. Burger King has stepped up to fix a problem, not just talk about it.

This shift in their business practice will ultimately be a win-win for society & their bottom line.

Let’s hope they bring the initiative down-under.

Alison White