What has happened?

The recent ABC’s Australia Talks National Survey – which surveyed more than 54,000 people –  has unearthed a key insight into the mind and mood of Aussies.  Whilst 78% are optimistic about their own future only 30% are optimistic about the global outlook. It seems we are more confident about the issues in our own control, whereas those outside our control cast a dark shadow on everyday lives. The leading personal issue is climate change, at 72% of Australians – with  62% saying it is a serious problem and now is the time to act – followed by saving for retirement at 62% and their own and their family members’ health at 56%.

The silver lining is that as a nation we are united in the belief that Australia is the best place in the world to live. Furthermore, by participating in their interactive study here you can see how your responses compare with other Australians.

The Media Store Take

Culminating in a live TV show on November 18, and preceded by a series of conversations about issues that matter across the ABC ecosystem, what this comprehensive study highlights is how serious the ABC take their #1 trusted broadcaster mantle. In developing  the Australia Talks National Survey, the ABC collaborated with academics as well as  data scientists and social scientists from Vox Pop Labs who conducted a number of ‘crowdsourcing’ surveys that asked  Australians from all walks of life open-ended questions designed to uncover the realities of their everyday lives, their thoughts about the most pressing issues in Australia and their fears and hopes about the future. In a world of increasing distrust heroing the voice of every day people, in all its raw authenticity, demonstrates why the ABC has the hallmarks of a trusted brand. The ABC isn’t just delivering Australian stories and conversations; through action it is also creating inclusivity by allowing Aussies to understand where they fit.

Monia Montefusco