What has happened?

Apple has acquired the self-driving car start-up Drive.ai – a clear signal that Apple continues to invest in its own automotive ambitions.

Drive.ai’s product make “kits” to turn regular cars vinto autonomous vehicles.  The project has been rumoured for a while, under the name “Project Titan”. The project’s initial goal was to build a full Apple car but this was later scaled down to focus on software that powers autonomous cars.

The Media Store Take

A recent report by Juniper states that Cars will be outputting 700% more data in the next 5 years. This is therefore a smart move by Apple by focusing on what their core competence is – technology – and acquiring Drive.ai, has created a perfect storm for imminent disruption outside of core OEMs.

With the rise of tech companies moving into the OEM space (i.e. Samsung and google cars) the auto market will continue to be shaken up. It’s therefore critical for traditional OEMs to re-imagine their own offering in the data and mobility race.

Bettina Benjamin