What has happened?

Amazon Prime Video has made clear its plans for an additional product, Amazon Channels, to launch in Australia in 2020. The structure and volume of current contract deals here locally will ensure this has to be a long-term play by Amazon.

The Media Store Take

Both Apple TV + – who will be launching their SVOD in Spring this year in Australia – and Amazon will initially struggle to get their share in this market which is considerably smaller that the US market with popular content already in the hands of some strong players.

As communicated in our last edition, Foxtel has responded ahead of the impending arrival of Amazon Channels by rolling out an enhanced interface including seamless access to Netflix and SBS aimed at solidifying Foxtel’s market position at least in the short-term.

Where Apple and Amazon could differentiate themselves is by looking at opportunities to the diversity within Australia.
Currently multi-lingual stations that cater to ethnic communities – ie Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern etc – are either handled by small-time providers or households installing their own dish satellite. By establishing such content deals provides additional opportunity for conquesting new audiences.

Bettina Benjamin