What has happened?

McDonald’s have launched a new global recruitment campaign “Made at McDonald’s” that has been rolled out across nine countries. A key element, “Apply Thru” embraces Voice assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home and creates the world’s first voice-initiated job application.

The “Apply Thru,” function allows Voice users to begin the application process answering a few simple questions, followed by a text message that links to the full online application. McDonald’s EVP and Global Chief People Officer David Fairhurst says, it has been developed to “enhance employment experience”.

The Media Store Take

2.9m Australians have a Voice assistant at work or home and this number will grow. With strong consumer uptake, it is no surprise that big brands are looking to ride the innovation wave with Voice. It is interesting though to see McDonalds test & learn with a campaign not for their core business, but with one targeting new employees. In using Voice to start the application, McDonald’s is removing perceived hurdles and breaking down the process in bite-size chunks to better reflect how Generation Z consume & respond.

The capabilities of voice assistants for advertisers are still largely unexplored but that makes it a rich space to give life & possibly scale to tactical campaigns. Brands on the forefront of voice assistant technology, such as McDonalds, that are willing to test now will have learnings & realise the fuller potential of Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home before the rest of the market.

Alyssa Beckley