Will Radio Broadcast line up changes pay off in 2018?

Programming bosses have returned 2018 with a line up of new programs, but for most Networks, the immediate impact didn’t quite go to plan

The first radio ratings survey was just released and the news is not so good for ARN’s brekkie and drive teams across KIIS FM in Sydney and Melbourne. Audiences declines across both sessions averaged between 1.5-2%.

The decision to axe Melbourne’s talent and launch a brand new drive show was part of a transformative change in strategy for the network.

At SCA 2DayFM moved on to its 10th and 11th breakfast show hosts for Sydney breakfast since the departure of Kyle and Jackie O.

Triple M also launched its first national drive show since the departure of various co-hosts across the country.

Across the AMs Macquarie Media announced it would axe its Talking Lifestyle stations.

Our take

Radio Programmers have always claimed it takes several surveys for a new on-air team to “bed down” and find their audience.

The new 2018 line up includes talent within existing shows that have been brought in from Regional stations and even as far as New Zealand and the UK.

Historically this approach hasn’t had the success of long standings shows, so the question is whether these teams with established chemistry will translate to local markets.

With all the marketing dollars the Networks are tipping into promoting their line up there is no certainty that it will be enough boost ratings in the next survey.

Sadly the commercial reality means these new shows may not get the opportunity to grow and flourish, only time will tell.

Helen Karambilas

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