The new masters of the brand universe

We are no longer in control of our brands, says David Roman, Senior VP & Chief Marketing Officer, Lenovo, our customers are. They are the new masters of the brand universe and where we are now marketing to the 1st global consumer, Millennials.
To be relevant, marketers need to,
1. create a brand that people talk about;
2. create disruptive and sharable content;
3. align with interesting people – one brand on their own likely can’t create the experience(s) consumers now expect – and
4. focus on fewer, bigger and bolder activities.

Our take

Having to reach back to the hackneyed example of Volvo’s Jean Claude van Damme video (2013) to demonstrate the 2nd principle suggests that sharable and disruptive content is not at the forefront of brands’ relevance. Brands need to embrace the trends Democratised Influence and AR Steps Forward in The Media Store’s Ten Trends That Matter In 2018.
Lenovo’s partnership with Disney and the Star Wars franchise is a powerful demonstration of aligning with interesting people and focusing on fewer and bigger activities and squarely reflects Power Partnerships in the year of Borderless Brands.
The new masters will be the Borderless Brands that people talk about.

Craig Jepsen

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