The dwindling divide between online streaming & traditional broadcast programming

Online streaming services are making a statement this year. Original programming content from the likes of Netflix, Amazon Studios and Hulu earned a total of 125 nominations at this year’s Emmy Awards. Despite being the smaller player of these new-age digital services, Hulu took home five awards, including Emmys for “Outstanding Drama Series” and “Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series” for its edgy, dystopian program ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’.

Our take

The line between traditional and online only platforms continues to blur. Exclusivity is king more than ever, with content being provided from all directions in an age of ever increasing digital media consumption. The new reality is simple: online streaming services like Netflix and Hulu are reliably delivering gripping, original programming. In the wake of Australia’s new media reforms, there is ample opportunity for traditional broadcast channels to invest in new original programming of their own, as well as improve upon the quality and user experience of their digital, catch-up offerings.

Paul Crichton

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