Marriott’s High Tech Initiatives Go Pro

Marriott hotels is intent on creating the future for Next Generation travellers. Last November we covered their activation teleporting honeymooners through virtual reality headsets. In December they partnered with MIT to create an app connecting solo business travellers to fellow guests with common interests. Their latest ‘travelling brilliantly’ partnership gives guests access to complimentary GoPros, to capture their holiday action. Promotions incentivise sharing and footage appears on the Marriott website, social feeds and in room entertainment.

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Our take

Choosing partners new to the hospitality industry has worked for Marriott, resulting in these ground-breaking initiatives. Technology is used with purpose to enable a superior experience for guests. There are significant benefits for the brand - greater customer loyalty, a stream of engaging user generated content and learnings to direct future investment. Marriott is making the future, not just watching as it evolves.

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