Fendi luxury road trip

Fendi, the luxury label under the helm of inimitable Karl Lagerfeld, has launched a radical retail concept, reframing the physical brand/customer touchpoint via The Fendi Ape – a modified version of a traditional three-wheeled Italian truck. The traveling store will complete a road trip across the US and Canada, selling a capsule collection of Fendi’s most iconic products. Commencing with a July 2016 celebratory dinner in Montauk, the trip will finish at Miami Art Basel in December.

Our take

Status has always been inherently palpable and possession-based; now with masses living in excess, luxury is in the intangible, with affluent consumers seeking to distinguish themselves. The strategic challenge for luxury brands is to shift towards more varied, individualized, and meaningful forms of luxury consumption and gratification; defined as the post-demographic luxury shift from merely attaining possessions, to the service and methodology of attainment. Fendi is creatively delivering on new customer expectations when it comes to the how, where and when of a luxury product or experience. The on-demand extravagance on wheels simultaneously provides a service that literally delivers to the consumer via a unique exchange, yet also cleverly entices the consumer to act on the impermanence of the fleeting opportunity. Fresh invigorating consumer experiences enhance the value and immediate desire for luxury possession.

Noelle Parisi

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