Fans choose to take on Mission Dalek

As part of it’s “Make It Digital” initiative – which aims to create a new generation of UK digital professionals – the BBC has launched Doctor Who: Mission Dalek. In producing, distributing & hosting storytelling resources like tips, How To Videos and rights cleared images & video, the BBC aims to empower any would-be Digital Producers to create and amplify their own “Who”story.

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Our take

Now the BBC’s most valuable brand, Doctor Who was actually cancelled in 1989 but kept alive through fan-produced storytelling in print & audio. Like a Landcruiser Club or Nutella’s Facebook community, Doctor Who’s fans “brand love” demonstrated their value as customers and advocates, bringing the TV series back in 2005. Mission Dalek evolves the original participation platform to deliver on a social good objective but also to create more high-value fans of the Doctor Who brand. Are you harnessing your brand’s “fan” power?

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