16.17 TV UpFronts v Digital NewFronts

Traditionally, US Television networks sell their content slate at their annual “UpFronts” and then use as a platform to negotiate annual investment deals. Recently, Digital Publishers have copied the format and now hold their own “NewFronts”. This year it’s been all sizzle and stats but a war has broken out over the claimed audience reached by Digital v TV.

Our take

There is still not an ‘apples & apples’ metric comparison between TV & Digital audiences meaning contradictory claims can be made, seemingly with evidence to support both points of view. Digital wants a share of that est $17B spent by US advertisers on TV and Networks feel the threat. Their response is to now invest heavily in Online partners e.g. Disney & Vice, Turner & Mashable, NBC & Buzzfeed. It is these partnerships that will force Offline/Online metric alignment so as to give the media owner’s the best ROI.

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